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Having purchased the product registered users are entitled to receive 30 days of Free Installation Support from the date of purchase of the product by sending a support email to: Support@DataAccess.com.au

If you require telephone support, other than product installation support, please be advised that there is a A$33.00 support incident call fee. Please add this Support Incident to your cart below & proceed to checkout. Then phone us on +61 3 9761 3644 do discuss your support problem.
What is installation support?
Data Access Worldwide supports products we sell in the following ways:
We will assist in the installation of the product;
We will clarify any issue discussed in the product's documentation;
We will clarify any example code distributed with the product;
We will assist in the tracking down/reporting of a product bug;
We will assist in the tracking down/reporting of open beta anomalies;
We will provide current information on supported platforms, options & other revision information.
We will post relevant support information on our Web Site. 
Customers are encouraged to use our online support options:


Post questions to us by e-mail and we will try to get your question resolved quickly. Send your support emails to support@DataAccess.com.au. Please make sure you have included the Serial Number of your product. Non-Installation Support issues will be subject to a A$33.00 per incident fee. 
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Technical Knowledge Base
The Data Access Worldwide Technical Knowledge Base has over 1500 articles covering all facets of our products. Code examples and innumerable invaluable tips can be found by clicking
Community Newsgroups
Data Access Worldwide provides an electronic area for community peer support via our Internet newsgroups. For further information click here.

FlexODBC & QODBC Forum
Data Access Worldwide provides FlexODBC & QODBC users with an online Forum where they can post support queries, report product bugs, search the FAQs and much more. For further information
click here.

Supported Product List
Please click here to see Data Access Worldwides' supported product list.

Telephone Support

Program anomalies will be addressed at no charge and updaters posted on our web site. Other support issues will be subject to a A$33.00 per incident fee. Make sure you have the Serial Number of your purchased product and call 03 9761 3644 during our normal office business hours between 9am to 5pm week days Australian EST (with the exception of Public Holidays).

Supported Product List

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